Welcome to Tim Woods portfolio site. VFX Artist working in Commercials and Idents.

About me

I'm a VFX Artist with a broad range of experience, a generalist of sorts.
Over the years I've built up an extensive knowledge of the entire project process, from previs and concept work, all the way through to production and FX work. I've worked as part of small and large teams, with varying roles in both.
I have excellent knowledge of 3dsMax, a good grounding of Maya and Softimage, and I'm starting to use Houdini in production. I have modelled and textured hero assets, animated previs, and hero shots, and lit and rendered plently of sequences in Vray over the years. I've also completed FX work using Fume, Krakatoa, Realflow, cloth, DDM etc.
I've created a few digital assets in XSI ICE, and helped create a few shaders and other useful things in Houdini. It's not my main strength, but I enjoy dabbling in visual code elements.