Toyota 'Turning Point'

Creative Agency : Droga5 NY
Design and Direction : ATYP
CGI & Animation : Analog
Grade : The Mill

Role: Lead VFX Artist
3dsMax: Previs, Animatics and Edit. Modelling, Texturing Shading carbon elements, Rayfire destruction.

Nice little project for Toyota. Analog were involved very early on in the project, creating style frames and building animatics. As part of a little team, I helped layout the cameras and built a rough edit early doors. From there I sculpted the carbon fragments and developed a shader that was used throughout.
I also setup the drawing line particle system, and the early city building elements. During the early stages I also experimented on the destruction elements culminating in the large fragmentation wall, and all the salt flat destruction scene. Quite alot got dropped by the end.
All the early parts we done with 3dsMax, PFlow and Rayfire. Rendered with Vray.