Tetley Super Teas

Client: Tetley
Agency: Creature of London
Creative Direction: Stu Outhwaite, Ben Middleton
Ed Warren
Production Company: Iconoclast
Producer: Bobby Bray
Director: Casper Kelly
VFX: Analog

Role: Concept design and Environment Modeller
Concept: Set, and robot drone design.
3dsMax: Set modelling, lighting, and rendering using Vray.

A bit of a different role for me on this project. Due to a limited budget I took on the role to design the set opening shot. It had to work with a green screen shoot, with various elements and actors being shot in advance. I did various different designs based around some agency mood boards, provided early on. I stuck to a theme based loosely around The Incredibles, large open cathedral style spaces with a hint of 1960's bond feelings. Also a touch of futuristic elements blended in also.
I was also tasked with designing the drone. The Director had an idea of how the drone would interact with actors and set, so I had to work my designs around that.