Telstra 'Gift'

Director and Designer : Roman Ruetten
Agency: DBB Sydney
Client: Telstra
Directing Studio: 1stAveMachine
Production Company: Stink UK
3D Animation & Visual Effects : Analog Pixel
Producer : Mike Turoff
Lead 3D : Tim Woods
Lead Compositor : Kalle Peterson
Modeling, shading & Lighting : Matt Chandler, Simon Reeves, Mike Merron
Edit & Conform: Alex Burton

Role: Lead 3D Artist
3dsMax: Rigging and Animation of the flower. Previs and Particle effects. Rendering and Shading.

A commercial for the TBox from Telstra. Here i rigged and animated the paper flower. Constructed using lots of bones, and rigged in a way that enabled the opening to be automated, and shape to be tweaked en-mass. I also completed the previs, and particle work.