Steep - Launch Trailer

Agency: Sid Lee Paris
Creative Direction: Stéphane Soussan, Céline and
Clément Mornet-Landa
Art Direction: Olivier Bodet, Hugo Demazière
Production Company: Stink Paris
Director: Stephan Wever
VFX: Analog

Role: Lead Artist
3dsMax/Maya: Previs and shot development. Layout and animation. Some lighting and shading in Vray.
3dsMax: Fume and Particle flow
Houdini: Clouds and volumes.

This was a fun project, and very ambitious considering the very condensed timescales involved. In the very early stages I helped develop the Previs and the early edits to get the ball rolling. From there moved onto R&D all the huge cloud shots.
For the final production I did some lighting and shading on snowstorm scenes, I also developed and animated all the clouds used though out the shots. The hardest was the clouds forming over the mountains.
I used Houdini extensively for the clouds, and FumeFX in 3dsMax for the rolling mist elements, and the shot where all the cable cars appear from the snow.
I made a few custom tools in Houdini to clip and deform the volumes around the objects, and push the animated noise though the voxel grid in a convincing way.
I also used Particle Flow for chunks of snow here and there.