Robinsons 'Splash of Fun'

Director: Peter Szewczyc
Production Company: Independent Films
Producer: Dougal Meese, Matt Minor
Agency: BBH
VFX Supervisor: Mike Merron
Modelling: Silvia Bartoli
Animators: Sabrina Lecordier, Ricardo David
Additional FX/RD: Matt Chandler & Tim Woods
Compositing: Nathan Bayliss, Urban Forsberg
VFX Producer: Natalie Busuttil

Role: VFX Artist
Maya: Fluid ink drop. 3dsMax: FumeFX fluid sims.

A commercial of Robinsons Juice in Ireland. Shot in Hackney it consisted of a man jumping around in a green suite. He then had to be replaced with a CG character emitting juice like fluid. Overall this was a very challenging project, made even more so by the very fast choppy edit. It didn’t really leave much time to the fluid to settle or move naturally. Overall it work ok, but longer shots would have really helped here.

I was responsible for the ink style drop at the beginning, completed with Maya fluids, and I also help set up and simulate the other fluid simulations using Fume.