Purdeys 'Hummingbird'

Client: Purdey's
Global Brand Manager, Natural Energy: Sophie Killer
Global Marketing and Innovation: David Laidler
Agency: VCCP
Production Company: Framestore Pictures
Director: Murray Butler
Creative Director: Ben Cronin
Animation, VFX and Colour: Framestore
VFX Producer: Emma Cook
Line Producer: Mia Lalanne
CG Coordinator: Emma Hughes
Production Assistant: Katie Sharpe
VFX Supervisor: Jules Janaud
Head of 2D: Suzanne Jandu

Role: FX TD
Houdini: Asset loader creation. Bubble setup, dust setup, bugs setup, Flocking state system with POP.

For this project I was involved very early on. Using Houdini I developed some setups for ambient bugs, airborne pollen particles and spinning bubbles.
As the project developed I focused more on the flocking animations using POP and lots of post processing.
There were 4 shots in total requiring several different setups, a custom POP state system, and lots of custom velocity grids, and attractors.
I also developed a few tools to deal with different animation loops, speeding up and slowing down caches, custom wing speeds, banking, hovering and lots of other bits and pieces.
The most challenging was the birds spinning around the bottle close up, this ended up being 90% procedural, with a few hand animated birds added in to help sell the movement.
Credit to the rest of the team who made amazing job of the feathers, layout and beautiful lighting.