Money SuperMarket 'Clouds'

Agency Producer: Stefanie Forbes
Assistant Producer: Victoria Doran
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Matthijs Van Heijningen
Executive Producer: Helen Kenny
Producer: Donald Taylor
Director of Photography: Ruben Impens
VFX and Colour: Framestore
VFX Supervisor: Jules Janaud
Creative Director: Jordi Bares Dominguez
On Set Supervisor: Jason Farrow
CG Supervisor: Amanda Johnstone-Batt
Senior Producer: Christopher Gray
VFX Line Producer: Alexia Paterson
VFX Coordinator: Emma Hughes, Dawn Pearson

Role: FX Lead
Houdini: Cloud creation, cloud loaders, cloud scattering. Pyro setups, Arnold rendering.

This was such a fun project. I was tasked with creating the cloud's, cloudscapes, and helping with the general look of those elements.
Using Houdini, I created several OTL's to create  cloud shapes for all the different altitude types, then I used different seeds to make many versions of these main shapes.
The tools included custom noise/density variation, and looped advection in specific areas to add fluffyness. In the case of Cumulonimbus, the clouds were split into different stages for processing, then combined at the end to make the final shape. A nifty ROP network allowed all this to automated.
I also created a few different loaders for single clouds, and custom scattering tools for large scale scattering, to make layout a much easier proposition.
The last stage was a custom Pyro simulation that could be targeted in specific areas.
Lastly I was responsible for rendering all the clouds in Arnold for Houdini,. And yes, the rendertimes were huge, and incase you were wondering, the very far horizon is a matte painting, but the rest is all volumes.