Microsoft Teaser

Client: Microsoft
Direction: Analog
VFX: Analog

Role: FX Artist
Melting shots, Houdini Flip simulations.

This was a very short project for me. I jumped on in the last two weeks, and in the end the work I completed to got cut for a different direction. I was tasked with making a small block of plastic melt, with specific reference to mercury. A tricky effect to pull off, that I fist attempeted with a purely FLIP based approach in Houdini, using heat and viscosity. It became apparent very quickly that it would have to be done another away. In the end I combined animating and distorting the mesh with a custom setup, and then emitting Flip particles at the low section for the final effect. I also advected bubbles and made a custom mapping gradient for the shading. Rendering was done using Vray in 3dsMax.
One thing that did make it, was a quick solver SOP setup for making a growing effect over the surface of a compute chip.