Maserati 'Alive'

Client: Maserati
Direction: Shynola
VFX: Analog

Role: 3D Modeller
Asset modelling Robot Arm and hero door.

My two responsibilites for this project were completing the hero robot arm, and the main featured door. For the robot arm, I worked from reference images, and a few concept sketches. Early in the process I had to create a simple rig to check the model would articulate in the correct way, that way there wouldnt be any surprises further down the line. Although there were a few chances to clone model elements, I did end up making loads of custom pieces, and because at that stage the previs hadnt been locked, I had to make sure the model could hold up to close scrutiny.
The second element was the huge feature door. I did a few concept sketches, from here the Directors gave me a pretty comprehensive drawing to work from. Again, as the edit was still progressing, I had to make sure the door could hold up to close renders.
All the modelling was completed with 3dsMax.