Maserati & Shell - 'Alive'

Direction, Art Direction and Animation: Shynola
CGI and VFX: Analog

Sound Design and Final Mix: ECHOLAB
Sound Designer: Gavin Little
Sound Design Assistant: Joe McHugh

Agency: Burson Cohn & Wolfe

Production Company: RSA films
Produced by: Rob Wills for RSA Films
Produced by: Rae Reeves for Cogent
Produced by: Chris Fitzpatrick for Junction 11

Role: Concept Artist and 3D Modeller
3dsmax: Concepts for the main door, modelling the main hero door asset, and the main robot arm asset .

For this project I was involved at an early stage concepting the main door that contained the car, and the shape and detailing of the tunnel where the action would take place. After this I worked on modelling up the main robot arm from concept art and reference provided by the Directors.
The model had to articulate in a cetrain way, so i blocked out and rigged the model, before moving onto the detailing.