ITV 'Entertainers'

ITV Creative Director : Tony Pipes
ITV Executive Producer : Kirsty Beale
Director : Jon Yeo
Producer : Cressida Ranfield
DOP : Tim Green
Editor : Al Sinclair
Design : Tim Woods
VFX : Analog
Music: “Stardust” by Lena.

Role: 3D Artist/Concepts
Concept design: Chandelier and Organ. 3dsMax: Modelling props, Rigging and Animation. Softimage: Volumetric Clouds

I really enjoyed working on this project. Although it was a compressed timeline, only 4 weeks of post, I got to do some concept and design work at the early stages. My first task was to look at the design of the Chandelier, then I moved onto the Wurlitzer and room of pipes. Once the designs were approved I modelled, rigged and animated the two designed elements and also the Grand Piano, probably the largest modelling task I’ve done to date. Not only did I have to model the outside, but the inside too, complete with rigged and animated hammers.
See my blog for some behind the scenes shots.