Ilohas 'Core'

Client: Ogilvy
Direction: Ogilvy
VFX: Analog

Role: Houdini FX TD
Houdini Flip simulations, POP particles, Lighting and Rendering.

This project was actually two TVC's and there were completed in a very compressed timescale. For the first 'water spout' commercial I helped setup Houdini Flip simulations, and also separate POP passes for water spray. I also setup the water contact interaction with Whitewater and Foam solvers. I was also responsible for lighting and rendering, which was completed using Redshift.
The second spot for Lycee water, although less shots, was just as technically challenging. The water has to form specific shapes that were designed by the art department. The biggest issue was getting the water looking like it was still moving and dynamic, but the shape still readable.
I constructed a Houdini setup that allowed the shape to change easily, this drove a custom gravity field, and a surface based churning VEL field, piped into Flip. Then there was additional bubbles and POP, plus mesh snapping and constraining to get the final look. Not to mention a lot of post work in Nuke to get the colors and 'freshness' signed off.