Director : Smith and Foulkes
VFX/Animation : Nexus Productions
Lead 3D : Mark Davies
Concept : Adam Willis, Mike Shorten, Antione Birot
3D : Michael Greenwood, Jay Harwood, Ben Robins, Darren Rolmanis, Tim Woods
Animation : Dominic Griffiths, Steve Brown, Eoin Coughlan
Comp : Niamh Lines, Elliot Kajdan

Role: Generalist/Lighting Artist
3dsMax: Car modelling, Shading. Volumetic clouds. Several shots to completion from concept art.

Two spots for This was a challenging project due to the art direction, which required a paintly feel to all the shots. So we spent a lot of time moving from 3d layout to paint overs, and back again. Finishing with a final light, and paint over projected back onto geometry. I was also responsible for the clouds and smoke effects.

Second spot for I had a reasonably large role on this commercial, taking on 4 shots from start to finish. I was involved in layout of the scenes, detailed modeling, lighting and rendering. There was also a bit of FX work with water and steam for the end shot in particular. The commercial went though quite a few iterations I ended up modelling about 5 different cars from concept art, and the environments changed quite a bit too.