Honda 'Hands'

Creative directors: Tony Davidson & Kim Papworth
Copywriter: Chris Lapham
Art Director: Aaron McGurk
Producer: James Guy
Production company: Nexus
Animation: Nexus Productions
VFX: Analog
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Music + Sound: Factory & Siren

Role: VFX Artist
3dsMax: UV Unwrapping, Texturing race assets. Particle and Cloth simulations. 3D Rotoscoping hands.  Softimage: Lighting, Shading and Rendering

Well it’s finally finished. This set of idents for Channel 4 and Honda was originally created as one long piece, then dissected to make all the smaller ones. The larger, longer and more impressive version will be released over the coming months.
Working at Analog, we helped complete all the FX side of things. From shoot supervision, roto, tracking, model texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and then comping and grading the final spot. Nexus took care of the creative direction, and animated all the transitions of the models.
Models were textured in 3dsMax, but all the heavy lifting was carried out in Softimage and Vray. My first real introduction to the program, and I have to say I’m a convert. Simon Reeves wrote some great tools to help transfer all of the cache and model data from 3dsMax, this helped massively with the huge number of assets we had to contend with.

I personally looked after unwrapping,and texturing all the assets in the spot. I also then went onto shading and lighting in Softimage, and I also simulated and animated the ticker tape in 3dsMax and SimCloth. Oh, I also spent many days 3d rotoscoping the hands, to give all the nice contact and reflections in the 3d elements.