Fox Sport 'Egg'

Direction: ManVsMachine
Design/Direction: Adam Rowe
CGI/VFX: Analog
Lead Artist/VFX: Matt Chandler
3D/Animation: Tim Woods

Role: 3D Artist/Animator
3dsMax: Previs, Layout, Set modelling, Prop modelling, Robot arm animation. Set Lighting and Shading.

Fox Sports commissioned ManVsMachine to make a huge amount of Idents for their re brand. This one was particularly tricky as it would have to be completely CG, and would need clever VFX trickery to complete. I was tasked with modelling the set, and developing the style for it based off some reference images. I then textured, shaded, and lit the space, and also modelled all the other set elements that need to be in there. One last task was rigging and animating the robot arm. Matt Chandler took care of all the particle work, and developed a sand system using Naiid, and he also broke apart the shell using Rayfire.