Film4 Cinema

Design & Direction: ManvsMachine
Executive Creative Director (4Creative): Chris Bovill / John Allison
Creative Director (4Creative): Dan Chase
Producer (4Creative): Shizuka Hata
VFX: Analog
Music: Resonate
Colourist: Jean Clement Soret @ MPC
Sound Mix: Arge @ Envy

Role: VFX Artist/Animator
3dsMax: Track modelling, lighting, and rendering. Look developmenton eye, and face. After Effects: Transition development

This was a monster of a project. Completed over several monthes, it really tested the skill of everyone involved. I started on the project doing Look Development. In the Making of, you can see all the tests I created with the eye shaders, camera shake and general look and feel of the spot. Once things progressed VFX Sup Matt Chandler took over the final look, which is stunning.
Whilst the final render quality was being worked on, I took the animatic and first pass audio, and created a 3D track with the corners and straights all paced to the audio. I then animated an Audi along the track, trying to sync gear changes and other audio cues. Final output from this was an animated HDRI for use in the beauty elements. This gave the base of the lighting, and also added the detailed eye reflection. The animators then used my car animation as a basis to work up the head and eye animation.