Citizen 'Ultra Thin'

Director: Analog
Agency: Ogilvy
Visual effects: Analog
Analog Team
VFX Supervisor: Mike Merron

Role: 3D Artist/Animator
Maya: Animation of all shots. 3dsMax: Previs, Animatic, Edit. Prop management. Retopo of larger parts.

This was a fun little project. I was responsible for the animatic and previs of the piece, along with getting the edit locked down. The client was very demanding, and the product had to be represented faithfully, no creative fudging. I animated all the previs in 3dsMax, then ported it all over the Maya for final animations. The watch was CAD, so it needed some extra love in places. I remodelled the larger bits to make sure all the fillets were accurate, especially the case and bezel.
Lastly, I helped with a bit of lighting and rendering towards the end.