Citizen 'Decisive Moment'

Director: Christian Bevilacqua
Production Company: Stink
Agency: Ogilvy
Visual effects: Analog
Analog Team
VFX Producer: Mike Turoff
VFX Supervisor: Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler
3D: Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler, Simon Reeves & Tim Woods
Compositing: Urban Forsberg, Aitor Arroyo, Nathan Bayliss
Vfx editor : Pete Baxter

Role: VFX Artist
3dsMax: Model, Light, Shading on Set. Rayfire simulation on all props. Lighting and rendering final renders.

Shot in Prague on a Phantom, this was an interesting project. What made it all the more confusing was it being in slow motion and reversed. I modeled and shaded the the set, then I was tasked with breaking apart the floor, a major element of each shot. I also animated and shattered all the props in the scene, from the candle to the lamps, these were all cached and used in the various shots. Lastly I helped light and render the main shots ready for comp.