CBS 'Hero'

Production : Studio Hansa/Analog
Director : Analog
VFX/Animation : Analog
VFX Producer : Mike Turroff
VFX Supervisor : Mike Merron
3D : Mike Merron, Tim Woods
FX : Matt Chandler
2D : Urban Fosberg, Fabio Zavetti
VFX Editor : Pete Baxter

Role: Lead 3D Artist/Animator
3dsMax: Previs, Edit, Prop Modelling and Shading. Animation. Lighting and Rendering of Final Shots.

Completed in 5 weeks, this was a great Ident to work on. The concept was pretty broad, so I was able to make up all of the mechanical elements up as I went. I completed the Previs, and also helped shape the edit. I did the layout, modelling, and animation on every shot and lastly I lit, textured, and shaded the vast majority of the ident. Everything was done in 3dsMax, Vray and Nuke.