Björk 'Utopia'

Client: Björk
Art Direction: Björk
Direction: Warren Du Preez and
Nick Thornton Jones
VFX: Analog

Role: Houdini FX TD
PFTrack: Tracked every shot that could be tracked.
Houdini: Environment particles. Plant growth, and static plant sims.

For this project I used PFTrack extensively for many of the shots. Creating stabile tracks and geometry that would help later on.
All the particles in the air were generated in Houdini. I created a base volume filled approach to churn large amounts around the environment, and also a smaller one that emitted particles from all the crevices of the tracked mesh. This worked for detailed cut ways and larger open shots.
I also emitted particles from the Nudibranch animated bird thingy, creating a custom system to overcome Houdini's attach and detach particle issues. Last but not leasy I created wire solver based plants that moved in the breeze, and finally growing plants from the ends of branches.
In the end I cretaed far to much, and much of it couldnt get rendered in time. Hopefully there will be a making of in the not to distant future.