Acura 'Wake'

Client: Acura
VFX: Analog

Role: Lead Artist
3dsMax/Maya: Particle, RBD, and cloth simulations.
Softimage: Dynamic Tree rig.

Sadly this project was abandoned for various reasons. But I spent many month's toiling away augmenting all the shots to make them feel much more dynamic. When filming in LA there were obvious limitations to how much rubbish could be flung around the roads. So my job was to add all that in post.
Debris, liter, and leaves were simualted using 3dsMax PFlow. I used NCloth and Simcloth for newspapers, of which there were many. 3dsMax RBD for chairs and manhole covers being blown off.
The biggest job was developing a dynamic rigged tree for use in the spot. Created in Softimage it could be adapted to follow the animated terrain, and alos generated leaf fall when needed.