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Mantra MicroBevel

I've been knocking this shader around for quite a while. So now it's time to release it into the wild. MicroBevel is a fancy rounded edges shader. Very useful for getting extra detail into models on sharp edges. If you already have modelled bevels, it won't work. Works pretty well on CAD though. But sometimes all the weird flipped normals can cause issues.
It works by raycasting, and returning a normal average of hit polygons, then blending the current surface normal and the found normal between a radius. Thus creating a rounded edge.

As with everything, it has it's limitations. 6 samples will be fine for small bevels. If you go too large you will find you need to use RandomSamples, and increase the Samples upwards of 6 to get a smoother result. But then its supposed to be micro, so smaller radius works much better.
To use it with the Principle and Classic shader, you will need to plug the nN into base and coat normals.
There are some Debug export' you can use to see where the edges are, and normals.
I've left the HDA unlocked so you can root around inside. These are not bullet proof, and I'm not 100% certain it will work in all scenarios.

MicroBevel Shader

Download HDA

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