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Mantra Edges Shader

Here's my new Mantra edges shader. I've left the HDA unlocked so you can root around inside. These are not bullet proof. So understand, if you use them, and they break, you'll have to dig around yourself.
If you want to vary the edge width using a map, you will have to activate the map toggle. I couldn't get the 'if connected' thing to work for auto map plug in, missing some voodoo i think.

Edge Shader
ShaderEdges_01_Compare ShaderEdges_02_Compare Houdini_EdgesUI_01

Settings are pretty simple. As standard the Shader takes regularly spaced samples in a circle. So 6 samples is ample. If you want solid lines, tick the box. If not, it returns a gradient, and then you might need more samples, and random samples to get a clean gradient.

Angle limit clips the returned Convex and concave angles.

To make a dented edge, just plug in a turbulent noise, fit range to vary the radius. On the returned edge, you can then use the float mask to add in smaller dot/dents for more detail.

Surface offset plays an important part, if it's very low then you'll get all the tiny polygon angle changes returned. These can be clipped slightly with the angle limit, but sometimes it's easier to just push the offset further away.

Download HDA

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