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Houdini Old VOP loops

A little tip. If like me you hate these ugly new VOP loops:Houdini_Loops_01ANot sure what SideFX where thinking. Yes they aren't buried in a sub node, but damn they are messy. When it comes to laying out VOP's I get extreme OCD. Coming from Softimage, this is a mess. Plug anything in incorrectly, it goes berserk, creates extra channels, then just dies.
In my head, this is much cleaner, and easier to copy to other networks. The old Loops:
Houdini_SampleSphere_01CThese are still accessible, as with most stuff, SideFX have kept all the legacy nodes in the background for compatibility, and thankfully we can reveal them.

Open a textport, and type : opunhide, hit return.
Find the one you want, then type it in like this: opunhide Vop for

It will now showup in the tool search in the section Digital Asset. So you can re-activate all the good old loop tools. And escape the spaghetti window hell...

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