About me

As a Freelance VFX Artist with 8 years of commercials experience, I’ve managed to be involved in nearly all areas of production.
I’ve worked solo, and as part of larger teams to deliver high quality commercials. On sev­eral occasions as a Lead, looking after other staff and delivery schedules.
I like to be as flexible as possible, and over the years I’ve added lots of skills and software to my armoury. 
More recently I’ve been transitioning to Houdini, and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of creating HDA’s, and other complex setups to complete shots.


• Previs and look development. Working from storyboards.
• Solid generalist skillset.
• Competent hard surface modeller.
• Good eye for environment detail and scale from 10 years of ArchVis experience.
• Capable of creating many FX elements as needed.
• Technical animation experience.
• Competent at Shading and Lighting. Using Vray for 3dsMax, Maya and Softimage.
• Improving skillset in Houdini.
• R&D, Some experience creating HDA’s and VEX Shader utilities.
• 10 years experience in Commercials pipeline.
• Ability to work as a team member or as an individual with little supervision.


• 3dsMax: Excellent knowledge. 16+ years.
• Softimage XSi: Competent. 3+ years. Lot’s of work in ICE.
• Maya: Competent modelling. Lots of experience Lighting and Rendering.
• Houdini: 2 years. Constantly improving.
• Vray: Excellent knowledge. 14+ years.
• Mantra: 1.5 years. Constantly improving.
• Working knowledge of Realflow, Krakatoa, FumeFX, Rayfire, Thinking Particles, PFlow, PFTrack and XSI ICE.