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September 1, 2018 - Comments Off on Change of scenery

Change of scenery

I've started a new role recently. 'Houdini Generalist' at Framestore Commercials. It's an exciting new role for me, as I will be using Houdini more than ever before, and I can't wait to develop my skills and knowledge.
So far it has been a steep learning curve, getting used to a Linux environment, working my way around Shotgun, and working in a very large team, all new things for me.
I've been lucky to get a chance to work with the FX team, working on Clouds, Ocean Mist, and Boat wakes, using FLIP, and Pyro extensively. There are many seriously talented people alongside me, with credits from Starwars, ILM, DNeg etc, so I'm hoping some of their skill will rub off a bit on me.
Well, if nothing else, it's a step towards more FX work, which I really enjoy.