Welcome to Tim Woods portfolio site. VFX Artist working in Commercials and Idents.

About me

I'm a VFX Artist with a broad range of experience. Initially I started out in Arch Vis, but then gradually moved across to animation. Over the years I've built up an extensive knowledge of the entire project process, from planning and budgets, through to production work. I've led projects, and been part of small and large teams too.

I have very good knowledge of 3dsMax and Vray, and have used Fume, Krakatoa, Rayfire and many other plugins on and off when required. Recently I've been working in Softimage, although it's now dead, I can still use ICE to get around problems if needed. Also in the last two years I've been doing more animation and lighting work in Maya and Vray. Very recently I've started dipping my toe into Houdini. I've also done some cloth, DDM, Realflow, Naiid bits here and there.

Overall I would say I'm a generalist, capable of completing smaller projects solo, but just as happy fitting into a team of specialists.